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Libra: About this Zodiac Sign

LEE-bruh,​ ​The 7th sign of the Zodiac (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is a very complex sign of zodiac. They have an almost compulsive willingness to help others. Peaceful resolution of personal conflicts may actually be their superpower. Yet, they will avoid conflict, and can be selfish at times. The Libra is a very social creature. They are quick to sadness and depression when they are left alone for too long. They enjoy and thrive on cooperative group settings and will always jump at the chance to plan a party or social gathering. Being an Air sign of the Zodiac, the Libra is usually blessed with a keen mind and strong understanding. A good book can provide inspiration. However, those born under the star sign Libra will often prefer a thought-provoking conversation with interesting people to anything else. Being ruled by Venus, the Libra loves to see the beauty in the world. They will always value quality over quantity. They will often surround themselves with fine art and music in an effort to create and cultivate and mentally stimulating and beautiful environment for themselves. It’s no surprise that Libra are fascinated by balance and symmetry. Inequality and Injustice are things that are not easily tolerated by a Libra-born individual. A Libra will actively avoid conflict when at all possible, unless it is in a familial setting. Libra often choose to keep the peace when they can. Due to their fondness of balance, it’s often difficult to get a Libra-born person to make any sort of quick decisions. In fact, Libra are known for the indecisiveness. Interestingly, The scales of the Libra personality can tip one way or another fairly quickly. It isn’t surprising to experience extreme shifts in mood and/or personality when interacting with someone born under this Zodiac sign. 

Libra Men and Women:

Libra Women

To say that the personality of a Libra woman is complex would be an understatement. The 7th sign of the zodiac is one full of contradictions, making it a very intriguing star-sign. A Libra woman will demand attention and the full royal treatment. One of the biggest key components to attracting a Libra woman is to be a great listener and witty conversationalist. Libra women enjoy talking about themselves. Especially if it has to do with how aesthetically pleasing they are. Physical fulfillment will always come second to love and admiration with the Libra woman. This doesn’t mean that she is incapable of intimacy, just that she needs to feel loved and appreciated first. It's easy for a Libra woman to lose interest, so you’ll have to put effort into keeping her attention. Flattery will get you everywhere with a woman of this star sign. Libra women love hearing about how amazing and beautiful they are. Appeal to the Libra woman’s vanity. Make her the star of your universe and you’ll be pleased with the results. Let her shine bright and don’t try to overshadow her in any way as they can be quite competitive. If you can handle her, a Libra woman will give you a strong and lasting relationship. A Relationship you’ll have to make all the decisions in, but a strong one nonetheless.

Libra Men

Libra men are known to be very superficial. That means that you’ll have to look good, in their opinion, in order to catch their attention. Be sure to look like you care about the way you look, and take pride in yourself. Libra men enjoy appreciating beauty, and wouldn’t want to be seen with someone that they and those around them didn’t find aesthetically pleasing. Libra have trouble making decisions. This often translates into a Libra man having issues with commitment. They want to have long discussions often with their partner, but if the topic gets too deep or emotional they can get spooked. Keep the relationship casual to begin with to keep the Libra man you’ve got your eye on from running off. Talking is the key to the seduction of a Libra man. Be beautiful and intelligent. If you are patient enough to build a relationship on trust and honesty, you’ll be well rewarded. Once you are comfortable showing a libra man your vulnerable side, he’ll slowly let you into his heart. Once the foundation is built, a real long-term relationship can be had with a man born under the star-sign of Libra.

The Bottom Line

Libra appreciates beauty and intelligence, and will always engage in good conversation. They are the social butterflies of the Zodiac. Superficial,vain, and often indecisive, they certainly live up to being an Air sign. Individuals born of the Zodiac sign Libra throw great parties. They love being around family and loved ones and hate being alone. Libra are a little high maintenance and very indecisive, but they can be worth the effort.

Zodiac​ ​Signs​ ​Most​ ​Compatible​ ​with​ ​Libra:

● Aquarius ● Sagittarius 

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