Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo: About this Zodiac Sign

VER-Goh,​ ​The 6th sign of the Zodiac (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Virgos are overly cautious perfectionists. They have an approach to life that can be highly methodical. They prefer not leaving anything to chance. They are sensitive, but also very closed-off with their emotions. Being so argumentative in expressing themselves is why this star sign is often misunderstood. Moreso that being cautious with their feelings, they often don’t see them as valid or relevant. They can be controlling at times, and often tend to blame others rather than accept their own failings. Being that Virgos are an Earth sign of the Zodiac, they are of strong character. Being tucked between Taurus and Capricorn, they prefer things to be well-organized and lean towards conservative and practical life choices. In fact, if things become out of place, it often sends a Virgo into panic. The Virgo mind has a tendency to worry over potentially missed details. They can obsess over matters that others seem to care very little about. Being ruled by Mercury means that those who represent the Zodiac sign of Virgo are often well-written and highly articulate. It is not uncommon for them to pursue careers that nurture these talents. With their inability to “cut-loose” and enjoy themselves, they make fantastic employees. Their perfectionism translates well into a great work-ethic. However, be careful when making friends with a Virgo at work. If they feel like you’ve turned your back, they won't hesitate to turn you into a hot-topic at the water cooler. Virgos often hold the point of view that being disappointed is unavoidable. This creates personal conflicts for the Virgo. As they find themselves seeking for good in the world while maintaining a cynical sureness that they will fail at finding it. This occasionally leads to a tendency for Virgos to use the victim card.

Virgo Men and Women:

Virgo Women

The virgo woman is intelligent, and modest. When trying to win the heart of a woman born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo, it is easy to feel intimidated. Virgo women often seem indifferent. However, it is less that she is uninterested and more that she is trying to be cautious. A Woman born in the star sign virgo doesn’t find it practical to rush into any relationship. A Virgo woman isn’t fond of surprises. Being spontaneous is not something you will find a woman of this Zodiac sign finding pleasure in at all. That includes in the bedroom. The Virgo woman has an almost neurotic tendency to overly control every details of their life to the point of inability to just let go and have fun.

Virgos have an organized life, they are over planners and perfectionists by nature, their dreams and goals have strict borders in their mind. They constantly worry about missing a detail and become overly critical and concerned about most matters that no one else seems to care much about.

Virgo Men

The men of the zodiac sign virgo require cleanliness and order to feel content. They prefer a well-kept environment, and aren’t afraid to put the effort in to maintain it. Calling them a “neat-freak” would not seem inappropriate. A Virgo man enjoys putting off a cool front while taking his time building relationships. Virgo men are swept of their feet by partners with a strong work ethic, or at least a respect for theirs. Don’t expect a Virgo man to take you out on romantic dates. The perfect mate for a virgo man will be neat, honest, and patient. Once they find the right mate, the virgo man rarely hesitates to settle down for the long run. With the natural dedication to family, you can count of a man of the zodiac sign virgo to be extremely loyal and loving. However, even though they would deny it, they are very sensitive. Be prepared for an intense coldness if they feel like you have wronged them in some way.

The Bottom Line

Virgos are Mercury-ruled Earth signs. The virgo is detail-oriented and has a fantastic work-ethic. If you’re looking to attract a virgo, make sure you can pick up after yourself and like to read. Don’t expect an optimistic and playful outlook on life, that’s not how a Virgo works.

Zodiac​ ​Signs​ ​Most​ ​Compatible​ ​with​ ​Virgo:

● Pisces

● Cancer

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