About Lulugem

Thank you for visiting Lulugem!

Lulugem is the creation of jewelry designer, Nasim Bah.

Here, you'll see the embodiment of her beliefs come to life in chic, artisanal pendants, rings, bracelets and other one-of-a-kind pieces.

In her designs, Nasim incorporates her spirituality and personality to create unique masterpieces that you will not find elsewhere.

Ever since Nasim was a child, she has been passionate about art and design.

Her love of jewelry and art has driven her to create the handmade creations you'll find on this site. Each has its own meaning. The rings are a representation of the everlasting circle of love (a symbol that is very close to Nassim's heart) and are adorned with powerful healing stones. And the zodiac pendants are a physical representation of each zodiac signs unique and interesting personality traits.

Each piece is handmade in Turkey, Iran & India by masters of their craft. Our jewelry is 18 or 24-karat Gold over brass or Sterling Silver. 

We appreciate you taking the time to browse our website and learn more about our designs. We are excited to be able to take this journey alongside you as well.