Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio: About this Zodiac Sign

score-PEE-oh,​ ​The 8th sign of the Zodiac (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Decisive, assertive and passionate are words that can describe anyone who is born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. Their determination leads them to keep pushing until they find whatever truth they seek. They have a knack for situational awareness and are highly resourceful, making them fantastic leaders in group situations. Being a water sign, the Scorpio finds pleasure in expressing and experiencing different feelings and emotions. However, this particular water sign tends to manifest their emotions in a different way than others. People of the star sign Scorpio are not quick to gossip, and can be trusted to keep secrets. Often feeling honored by the entrusting of said secret. This Zodiac Sign is ruled by Pluto, the ‘planet’ of regeneration and transformation. Possibly leading to the Scorpio being calm, cool, and mysterious. It is said that those of the Zodiac sign Scorpio have a great understanding of the rules of the universe. This lends to the belief that the Scorpio is born fierce. Occasionally, a Scorpio-born individual may appear wise beyond their years both in mind and appearance. Their dedication makes great leaders. However, the Scorpio is appalled by dishonesty and can sometimes be very suspicious and jealous. They are confident, lending to an ease at making friends but Scorpio-born often have to learn to adapt to different human behaviours. What to Watch Out For Those born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio are known for their darker side. They do not tend to have a very strong morality. If it would benefit or please them in some way to commit an atrocity, they’ll consider it. Having dark and twisted fantasies is often a common feature of the Scorpio mind. They don’t always act on their twisted desires often, as they find sick pleasure in denying themselves the indulgence. Scorpios are not known for their tolerance of weakness. If mind games were a competitive sport, Scorpios would get the gold medal. Not only are they good at manipulating others, they find great joy in the control of weaker minded individuals. They view sex as power, and may even use it in their plays for control. They have a strong lust for power, money and status and will often knock down or climb over others to achieve it.

Scorpio Men and Women:

Scorpio Women

Entering into a romantic relationship with a Scorpio woman can be a thrilling endeavour. However, do not let yourself be fooled by her wild side. A woman of the star sign Scorpio is far from an easy conquest. The personality of a Scorpio woman is fascinatingly complex. These women are magnetic, seductive, and mysterious. They have a calm and aloof demeanour, making them easy to be around. Giving a woman of the zodiac sign Scorpio your full attention is very important. Don’t just get lost in her beauty and drift into a daydream. You have to really listen to a Scorpio woman in order to truly win her over. She’ll want to take the reins in the relationship. Don’t fight her on this. The Scorpio woman knows what she wants out of a relationship. You aren’t going to get lucky on the first date, but be patient. Earning the love of a woman of Scorpio can take some time. Once she does fall in love, all that she has and all that she is goes into the relationship. Scorpio woman are entirely devoted when they are in a relationship. However, they can oftentimes be possessive of their partner. Honesty is a very important part of maintaining a relationship with a Scorpio woman. Do not cross her, or pick unneeded arguments. Forgiving and Forgetting isn’t something the women of Scorpio are very good at.

Scorpio Men

Successfully catching the attention of a Scorpio man is far from an easy task. Men of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio are very confident and competitive. They have extremely intense personalities, and are known to be very sexual creatures. Unfortunately, Scorpio men have a tendency to become jealous and even obsessive at times. Learning to balance honesty, while maintaining an air of mystery is the trick to catching and keeping the attention of a man of Scorpio. The confidence and charisma of a Scorpio man means they are not accustomed to being told ‘no’. However, that is exactly the key to landing a man of this star-sign. They enjoy a challenge. It gives them a boost knowing that they had to work to “capture” their mate. Play hard-to-get, while still being sure of yourself and flirtatious. In order to form a real relationship with a Scorpio man, you’ll have to create an emotional attraction as well as a physical one. Scorpio men are some of the most intensely feeling signs of the astrological Zodiac. When it comes to romantic relationships, they desire an experience that transcends the pleasures of the flesh. Bare your soul to him, and be confident in yourself. Let him be in control, but don’t let yourself seem weak or needy. Winning a Scorpio man is hard work, but very gratifying.

The Bottom Line

Scorpios are very passionate and confident people. They make great friends and fantastic lovers. Be sure that you are always honest with the Scorpios in your life. They will not respect or tolerate being lied to and they can tend to hold a grudge. Ruled by Pluto, this water sign of the Scorpion is quite the complex Zodiac sign.

Zodiac​ ​Signs​ ​Most​ ​Compatible​ ​with​ ​Scorpio:

● Taurus ● Cancer

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