Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces: About the Zodiac Sign

/ˈpɪskiːz/: The 12th sign of the Zodiac (Feb 19 – March 20)

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac symbolized by the fish which is considered as one of the shrouded in the most mystery. As the last sign of the Zodiac, it denotes an end and also a symbol of a new start, infinity, and reincarnation. Pisces are often considered to be otherworldly and more in tune with the spiritual world than other signs of the zodiac. They spend a lot of time on their inner spiritual journey and are often considered to be old souls. They may also be seen as dreamers who are impractical and over-reliant on what they want to happen rather than seeing things as they are. Naturally, this can be a positive trait also, since many idealists have changed the world for the better.

Not only are Pisces spiritual, but they are also very sensitive, and that sensitivity allows them to know what others are feeling and what they need. They let their emotions guide them rather than using their rationale. They may be so emotionally attached to others that they get involved in their problems, taking care of the person in need rather than themselves. They may find themselves a victim of someone else playing on their sympathy and their generous and loving personality may be taken advantage of. They also tend to internalize their own emotions. Despite their sensitive side, Pisces can often be misunderstood. Although easy-going, being misunderstood upsets them and they may become depressed. They may especially become disheartened when they learn another has cheated or betrayed their benevolence.

Pisces Women and Men:

Pisces Women

The typical Pisces woman is full of life, drama, and emotions but may seem to be very hard to decode at first. They are charming and delightful, and they can warm up just about anyone's heart. They are usually quite sensitive, in tune with something greater than themselves. They love taking care of others and want to make sure that others have the same chances that they have had as they hate seeing others suffer. Pisces woman always aims to please his partner in a relationship. They try their best not to nag or complain. They can be quite tough when they need to be, but in the end, their heart always wins out. They can be very in tune and almost have a sort of sixth sense about what is coming next. Pisces women are famous to the crowd, but they still seek time to be alone to sort out their inner feelings for the feel of ultimate happiness and can also experience high amounts of despair.

Piscean women is a mystery and can floats and drifts from one place to another, leaving an unforgettable impression and keeps people intrigued by her real purpose. She loves art and anything beautiful. She believes that life is short and that she should live her life as much as she can and sometimes, to the point of abuse. Her passion can be intense, but she thrives on being as level-headed as she can be, focusing on her goals and making them all come true. Sometimes, she may give in to emotions as well that makes everything else difficult. They love mystery and anything beyond the world that's why every minute with her is never dull. If you wake up and find yourself falling for one, then you're on for a great ride!

Pisces Men

Pisces men are friendly, gentle, kind and forgiving which made them gets along well with just about everyone. Pisces men love structure, art, and the more delicate things in life. They value balance in relationships and work hard to make sure their partners are happy. Pisces men are very doting and sympathetic. These are the guys who will listen to your dreams, no matter how silly you might think they are, and then try their best to make them come true for you.

Pisces men are intuitive and emotional. They are gentle and have an emotional depth that most men do not possess. They can have a simplistic attitude, seeing things with more emotion or a belief that fate has everything planned. Pisces men are great talkers and will be more than happy to have a conversation with you. Pisces men are poets at heart and love to romance a woman. When they find the right woman, Pisces men are very devoted and committed. They will work hard to make sure that the relationship stays strong. Pisces are very easy going, and they will do their best to avoid fighting. They are an excellent choice for women who prefer not to fight with their partners. They are also very empathic, imaginative, and creative. You will never get bored with the gentle Pisces, though you might get spoiled!. If you want a man who will be devoted to you, spoil you, and do his best to make every dream you have ever dreamed come true, then date a Pisces.

Bottom line:

Pisces are romantic, selfless, mystical, gentle, compassionate, helpful, intuitive and more importantly the most sensitive sign of the zodiac sign. They have a strong intuitive, psychic mind which can be troublesome for them if they are not accepting of it. Being empathic, they are also sensitive to others moods and often take that upon themselves as if it was their own. The not so positive traits of the Pisces are they have an inferiority complex and are super sensitive.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Pisces:

  • Cancer 
  • Scorpio 
  • Capricorn
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