Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: About this Zodiac Sign

kæp.rɪˌkɔːrn,​ ​The 10th sign of the Zodiac (Dec 22 - Jan 19):

Capricorn is regarded as the tenth sign in the Zodiac calendar. It is a feminine sign symbolized by the Sea Goat, who is a systematic sure-footed climber. The sea goat is half-goat and half-fish and signifies the death of the lower mind and birth of the spirit. The sign is one of the most stable and serious among all the zodiac signs. People born under this sign are extremely ambitious and reach the peak of the success because they never give up. They are willing to work very hard to achieve what they want in life. They have an urge to flourish in their career and love to be in a position of authority. Appearing cool and composed, Capricorns enjoy power and the respect that accompany it. When opportunities arise, they are always prepared to take the challenge and get the promotion. They are equipped with very good management skills. They harbor the spirit of determination and can exercise saint-like patience. As a result, it is easy for them to make friends. Their status is vital to them as they try to keep an eye on the best quality and are keen on excellence.

Capricorn Men and Women:

Capricorn women

The Capricorn women are very fixed and focused and they can be totally complicated at times. Displays of success impress them a lot. Capricorn women see success as very enticing and tempting that's why they usually get smitten with successful people. They are loyal and will do their best to provide you with love and comfort as much as they can afford. They desire a serious lover and at times, they like to have fun and get light-hearted. Definitely, they are moody but this doesn't imply they path away from their goals. Their impressive focus is one of the reasons they often never fail in life. They are loud and proud of being self-disciplined that's exactly why they often become good advisors and confidante. When they suggest something, they hardly go wrong. In terms of desires and impulses, they have enormous self-control. They would never ever opt for a hundred dollar worth of hairdo when they can get one for a buck. Practicality runs in their veins and they often have very realistic ideals. 

Capricorn women easily give their trust. However, they can be as swift at destroying it. They can fancy you so much but swiftly get turned off once they see a single mistake; which means you will need to work out your image to her again. For you to attract and seduce one, you must bear the characteristics of a good citizen, be responsible, independent and dedicated. 

Capricorn men

Capricorn men are dignified, respectful and are really good at organizing every detail of their lives. They might seem unapproachable but when you approach them and do most of the talking, they will open up. They take their time to study people, however, enabling them really worth it. Their aloofness is a self-protective measure to help them prevent the pain of the world. They are very warm and caring, once they loosen up to let you see their true selves, you will certainly have a dependable friend. They have strong thoughts and they are not reluctant about letting those thoughts be known. However, they are not vain individuals and they will cheerfully listen to someone else's opinion on a subject.

These men try to avoid the limelight, preferring instead to work just out of sight. They want respect and honor, but not fame. They respect authority and are very conventional. These are the men who hold open doors for women and pay for dinner. These men are fearless in the quest for a goal and try their best to ensure they reach their goals, be it a woman's heart or a business venture. These men are perfect family men who provide well; thanks to their practical natures.

Bottom Line:

Capricorns are hardworking, extremely organized, consistent, assiduous, cognitive, firm, realistic, self-reliant, rock-like characters, confident, relaxed, strong-willed, enthusiastic, skeptical, responsible, effort dedicated, disciplined, career-oriented, status-seeking, economical and businesslike. Many people will seek out their Capricorn friends or family due to the fact Capricorns are the "rock" they can be leaned on during times of despondency or stress. 

Zodiac​ ​Signs​ ​Most​ ​Compatible​ ​with​ ​Capricorn:

● Taurus ● Virgo

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