Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer: About This Zodiac Sign 

(KAN-sir​), 4th sign of the zodiac (June 21-July 22)

Cancers are highly intuitive and passionate people. They are very emotional and can be quite sentimental. Cancer-born individuals will prioritize home and family above all else. Born with their Sun in Cancer, they are very loyal and quite attached to their loved ones. Cancers are highly sympathetic and are able to easily empathize with those around them. Cancer is a water sign. Meaning that those born under this zodiac sign will enjoy spending time in or near the water. Their connection with the element of water makes those who are Cancer-born very creatively inclined and adds to their intuitive nature. Humble by nature, they aren’t quick to brag about their talents. No matter how impressive they may be. The star-sign Cancer is represented by the Brave Crab. Often throwing caution to the wind in order to protect or support those they love. The passionate way that the Crab of Cancer will demonstrate their loyalty is awe-inspiring. If someone they care about is having any sort of a tough time, a Cancer-born will be right there by their side. They will go to great lengths to keep those they live happy and healthy. 

Cancer Men and Women:

Cancer Women:

A woman of the star sign Cancer is going to be guarded with her emotions. A Cancer woman is vulnerable, so winning her trust can be a challenge. Once her trust is gained, a Cancer woman is very passionate and loyal. They are strongly connected to the Moon. This connection is what makes a Cancer woman so empathetic and insightful. Her moods may shift with the changing of the lunar cycles, but her love always stays true. If a romantic relationship is what you seek with a Cancer-born woman, you will want to be proactive. They enjoy being “treated like a lady”, so they will be looking to you to make the first move. Once you win the heart of a Cancer-born woman, you’re in for quite the treat. The Cancer woman is not only passionate, but highly erotic. Their physical love comes from a deeply emotional place. Making them fantastic lovers, and amazing romantic partners. A Cancer woman is a creative woman. They will find creative and innovative ways to express her love. Whether its her love for her family, or her feelings towards her partner, a woman of the zodiac sign Cancer will enjoy reminding those she loves that she cares and supports them.

Cancer Men:

The Cancer man is an emotional man. You might not be able to tell right away, but they are sensitive and very in-tune with their feelings. It may take a bit of time before they are fully comfortable sharing their true feelings with you casually. They are likable, but insecure. So they are quick to make acquaintances. However, the actual circle of close friends and loved ones for a Cancer-born man is likely to be quite small. Regardless of what a Cancer man tells you, or wants to believe, they aren't capable of being satisfied in a purely physical relationship. They need to feel love and emotion to get true satisfaction in any relationship or encounter. Challenge and engage his emotional side in order to really connect with a man of this zodiac sign. Never smug, the Cancer man will never admit or behave like they “know” how endearing this quality makes them as a lover. A Cancer man seeks a deep connection with their partner. It isn’t easy to achieve, but forming a strong bond with a Cancer-born man makes a bond that is hard to break. They are loyal, loving, and brave. Men of this zodiac sign are able to keep their cool in some pretty crazy situations. They are truly lovers more than fighters. However, the Brave Crab will not hesitate to defend those they love.

The Bottom Line

Anyone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is deeply emotional. They are vulnerable and do not trust easily. They are creative, intuitive, and ruled by the Moon. Cancer is the sign of family, so a familial connection is important to them. Gain their trust and you will have a loyal friend by your side.

Zodiac signs most compatible with Cancer:

  • Capricorn 
  • Scorpio 
  • Pisces 

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