10 Ways to Love a Gemini

Have you ever imagined what makes Gemini special? 

10 Ways to love a Gemini is a guide to unraveling the world of a Gemini; the beauty that sets them apart from the rest of the zodiac signs.

Gemini's relationship with any other sign is just exactly like the parent-child relationship due to their infinitely youthful view of life. If you’ve succeeded in capturing the heart of one of these social butterflies, you’ve definitely discovered one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing personalities in astrology.

Mercurial and dreamy—ever changing, are the perfect words that best describe a Gemini. Read on to unravel the mysteries behind Gemini’s personality needs and desire, and how to capture your subtle Gemini lover and grasp his or her attention forever.

Are you a Gemini or possess Gemini Moon or rising sign?

10 Ways to love a Gemini will help you uncover some of the deep secrets that you hide even from yourself!

  • Up your Conversation Game
Gemini is a great talker. Despite mastering the art of mind reading, they value and believe much more in verbal and open communication. The most essential key to show love to a Gemini is to be a consummate communicator with them. Holding off and avoidance of communication will put a Gemini off before you even try to get close to them.
  • Gemini LOVES Variety
Being a mutable air sign hungry for variety, Gemini above every other thing craves a wide range of experiences they can rock. They are jack of all trades.This is also true for Gemini in love. Gemini wants a lover to be continuously current, modern, grow and an unapologaticaly forever learning. As a communication addict, Gemini easily gets freaked out if lovers can’t converse about all and everything. 
  • Respect their Freedom
Despite their free spirit, Gemini thrives where they don’t feel too emotionally attached to. To love a Gemini means you can’t force them to fit into a world you create for them; they are smart enough to create theirs and will do everything in their capacity to enjoy unrestricted freedom. If they want to experience something or someone new, don’t impede them and when they come back; welcome them with open arms.
  • Celebrate a "No-Secret" Lifestyle
It is no secret that Gemini most times can’t secret and they don’t have one. With them, everybody should know everything. They do not enjoy gossip and don’t have a secret. To love a Gemini be sure to be open and honest with them in every single way. Once they distrust you or find out you kept things from them, that relationship will be over. 
  • Embrace their Wide Imaginations
Gemini is great at coming up with crazy and weird ideas. They ooze positivity and don’t have room for impossibility. Loving a Gemini means you stand with their ideas and support it even if you are the only one believing in them. With you behind them, they will achieve and surpass people' expectations on them.
  • Assure and Reassure 
Loving a Gemini denotes confessing how much you cherish and love them. They take you by your words and as such, they will be happy to know that you still have a good feeling with them.
  • Indulge their Childishness
Gemini is playful and fun to be with. There is a reason why they say Gemini's never age. It's because of their ever youthful personalities and way of life. Loving a Gemini means you are mature enough to indulge their inner child.
  • Value Core Strength
Naturally, Gemini is hardworking, loyal and honest. The moment you win their trust, they will mobilize their core strengths to satisfy you. Loving a Gemini is valuing their strength and not taking it for granted.
  • Provide Unlimited Fun
Outgoing and fun loving are two of the words best describe Gemini. In addition, they are adventurous, sportive, with love for travel and making memories with you. 
  • Educate Yourselves

Gemini is addicted to seeking knowledge; they are passionate about learning something new as an eternal student of zodiac. To increase your level of compatibility, Gemini would love that you participate in the learning too. Take up learning or hobbies together.  Whatever you can do that sprigs up interesting conversations, will strengthen the bond between you & make you more captivating to a Gemini.

Gemini is desirable; they make the best companion if you can diligently follow the 10 ways to love a Gemini.

Astrological Signs Compatible with Gemini:

Gemini is at best compatible with astrological types that enjoy change and excitement - Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are possibly best with Gemini, but Gemini will undoubtedly appreciate the intelligence in the conversation with the Aquarius. Taurus and Cancer are the signs with the least compatibility with Gemini, because their need for security and comfort will be rigorously upsetting to the ever changing Gemini.
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