• Cancer leather Cuff Brown Bracelet

Cancer leather Cuff Brown Bracelet

$21.00 USD

$15.00 USD

Cancer Handmade Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet 

CANCER: June 22 - July 22

When you meet a Cancer, it's best to understand that there is more beneath the surface than what meets the eye. This water sign is complex and can even be seen as a bit quirky.

Cancer's glyph, the crab, represents how this sign tends to move about life freely, much like a crab. A crab's tough shell may also be a sign of Cancer's sensitive, protective side.

Each of these gypsy cuff bracelets has been made by hand just for the sensitive Cancer in your life.

Item Specifications

  • Bracelet Material: Leather  
  • Bracelet Size: 19

What's Included

  • The handmade Bracelet 
  • A natural jewelry box
  • A padded gift box

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