• Capricorn Leather Cuff Bracelet -
  • Capricorn Leather Cuff Bracelet -

Capricorn Leather Cuff Black Bracelet

$21.00 USD

$15.00 USD

Capricorn Handmade Black Leather Cuff Bracelet

CAPRICORN: December 23 - January 20

The Capricorn is a curious combination of ambition, drive and patience – with a strong character. One of the most grounded signs of the zodiac, Capricorns have an undying appreciation for the simple things in life. In fact, when handed a complicated situation, a Capricorn will naturally begin paring it down.

The Capricorn is most often compared to the mountain goat because of his introverted nature and slow, steady way of getting things done.

This grounded earth sign will appreciate the simplicity of the handmade gypsy cuff bracelet.

Item Specifications

  • Bracelet Material: Leather  
  • Bracelet Size: 17.5 CM plus 

What's Included

  • The handmade Leather Bracelet
  • A natural jewelry box
  • A padded gift box

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